Professional DATA


I'm an experienced manager, engineer and researcher in the field of secure banking, intelligence, computers, network security, system administration and related international affairs. Additionally, I have experience in handling multinational R\&D projects in the field of information technologies with a focus on networking, cloud computing, security and telemedicine. More on my professional life here.

I have a PhD (computer sciences: Trans-border data flows) and several related masters, as Professional masters (Computer sciences ; Defense...); and Research master from Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Political sciences). More on my education here.

My sports

Free diving

My main interest is about water sports, but I'm also found of ski and trekking. In the field of water sports, my focus is about swimming, underwater hunting (see my first shark), apnea (free diving) and rescue at sea.

See also my interest in sailing and building traditional boats of Mediterranean sea (Latin sailing)


Latin boat

My main interest is about Latin sailing on Mediterranean traditional boats. I have built this boat, with help of traditional sailors of north Africa

I have a High sea letter # 2003022766 (Permis mer hauturier - France) and a radio license # 194345 (Certificat restreint de radiotéléphoniste - France)

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Here is my genealogy tree. The patrilineal branch (LIZAIRE-REMY) comes from Caribbean (Saint Domingue, now Haïti part) and of France (Normandie) with the name LISERE. They participated to the development of St Domingue French colony in 17th century. The matrilineal branch (FERRET) comes from France: Languedoc and Burgundy (BRETIN).

One of my aunt FERRET was mother superior of Herepian catholic convent (Languedpc), now a place for rural retreat. However oral tradition of the family is emphasizing former participation to Catharism (early Protestants). An ascetic tradition remains, exemplified by the reputation of the said mother superior.One of my aunt LIZAIRE-REMY was a voodoo Mambo (priestess). One of the few with European blood.

Oldest famous ancestor is General Alexandre Dumas (father). He was born in Saint Domingue from a french nobleman (marquis Alexandre Antoine Davy de la Pailleterie) and from a woman of African origin (Marie-Cessette Dumas). He was the father of the famous writer having the same name (Alexandre Dumas), author of The d'Artagnan Romances (The Three Musketeers).

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This is the chapel of the hermitage of the father of Foucauld (Assekrem) in the desert of Hoggar. He is one of my spirituel masters with knight templars.

Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone; but, if it dies, it bears much fruit. John 12:24

There is no need for trans humanism to perpetuate oneself in our children, our people, and the human specy. I think that the ultimate of spirituality is reached with the little death of the poets (Georges Bataille). It is the fusion of spirits that occurs on the occasion of carnal love, that is sexuality and sensuality. Read Theology of the body (John-Paul II) and Deus Carita Est (Benedict XVI).

More on my spirituality [ here... ]


My research and development interests cover information technology, and others fields, such as:

  • Chaos theory
  • Quantum physics
  • Statistical physics
  • Political science and philosophy
  • Psychology

I have been an early developer of image processing and transmission. I currently work on a personal system highly secured (quite finished). The idea comes from a personal need. I use a prototype since 4 years. The challenge is to follow a rapidly evolving environment (major components have a cycle of 6 months). A browser, like Firefox, publish a new release each month. This race is a serious threat for independent developers. For instance, a recent minor release of Linux kernel changed 60% of the code. Those who have a product have maintenance expenses arising before the initial development costs are covered. This is while selling prices are decreasing. Such a race, headed by major players, tries to discourage competition, that of China, as that of small to medium players.

I have written a treaty of philosophy "Neuropolitical science" in five volumes (three translated in English). It is not yet published, waiting for 2nd version.

I have written a political essay about neoconservative movement in France. It is not yet published either waiting for chronicle appendices.

More on my research [ here...]