I'm an experienced manager, engineer and researcher in the field of secure banking, intelligence, computer science, network security, and related international affairs. More on my personal research here.

I have experience in handling multinational projects in the field of information technologies with a focus on networking, cloud computing, security and telemedicine. More on my education here.


4th life as expert
(Business development)

2nd life in corporations
(France Telecom and CEA spin off)

4h life as an independent (Cybersecurity- Cyberdefense)

1st life as contractor for public services
(Maison Familiale corp.)

3rd life SME owner

1st life in public services
(Department of justice - Prisons)

European expert

2007-now: Financial technologies, Information technologies, Cloud computing, ontologies, Society and security, Business intelligence, global security, support for European start-ups with Eureka and Eurostars (expert evaluator).

Cyber security


Independent expert, and consultant with Thomas Direct in London.

2011-now: Cyber-security, neurosciences, philosophy of science (model, ontologies). For more see personal research.

2007-2010: setup and development of advanced financial services (Switzerland), management of development projects in emerging countries, assistance of governments, at ministry level, for better governance and fight against corruption (Africa); assistance of governments for Internet security.

2005-2011: Cyber-defense. Setup and Development of international projects in the field of network security (see support letter of head of research ministry of China), and advanced software services for Health information systems (Partnership with HP innovation center and CNIT Italy, see support letter of head of Health Ministry in Romania). Evaluation of research projects for Security - Defense of Europe, and related cyber-security.


  • PKI (Public Key Inf.)
  • ISP (Payment prov.)
  • Security interceptions
  • Defense engineering
  • HIS (Hosp. Inf. Syst.)
  • European teamwork
  • International affairs
  • Evaluation - Assessment

SME owner



2003-2005: Design and installation of satellite communications for boats (race, social projects and fortunate persons). Very short, cost effective exchanges, short video exchanges for TV broadcasting.

2001-2003: Setup of international network linking emergency services in several countries. (Telemedicine unit). Assistance of an African government for an emergency health plan.

1998-2003: Security services and business intelligence for investigation companies. Support of large banks against fraud and money laundry. Development of a secure IP/PBX for secure investigations using stealth phone calls. IP/PBX networking and protection against bugging devices and interception. Collaboration with a large industrial company for the hardware and basic signaling software (production discontinued because 9/11, Iraq crisis, development of terrorism, and related corporate risk assessment ...).

1993-1997: Setup of international research projects in the field of telemedicine for French (CNES - MEDES) and German (DLR) space agencies. Agreed re-seller of Air France airlines international data network (exclusive rights for medical assistance).


  • Satellite communications
  • Stealth communications
  • Voice over IP
  • Telemedicine
  • Emergency medicine
  • Open software
  • Management
  • International cooperation

Corporate manager

Demonstration for French Secretary of State for homeland affairs and Secretary of State for Telecommunications at a police station in Paris (1989). Remote control center in north of France


spin off CEO

1988-1993: Development of the first worldwide digital remote surveillance network supporting video with remote control and alarms. One of the four national projects awarded by France Telecom in 1990. First installation at a police station in Paris (1989) to protect postal banking. Second installation at a main railway station (Paris St Lazare) to cover West suburbs.



  • Image processing
  • Telecommunications
  • Security procedures 
  • Electronic devices
  • Hardware development

Public contractor


Deputy officer

1986-1987: Building (concrete, smart building, video surveillance, security systems); administration of prisons (utilities, food, laundry..).


Maison Familiale corp.
  • Head office


  • Engineering teamwork
  • Management of projects
  • Construction
  • Secure facility
  • Automation

Justice - Prisons

Prison in Cuba inspired from the Panopticon of Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832 UK). Also inspired the philosopher Michel Foucault for his book "Discipline and Punish" (1926-1984 FR). This was my drive for a career starting with prisons.


Deputy head of unit

1985-1986: Conceptual design of private administration in prisons. Framework for contractors. Assistance of Secretary of State Albin Chalandon.

1980-1985: Organization and Information systems for prisons: ( inmates payroll, statistics, social declarations, prison registry, court registry, hardware provision, developer coaching, training, budget...).


  • IT teamwork
  • Management of IT projects
  • Penal procedure
  • Philosophy of law
  • International cooperation