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unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains alone; but, if it dies, it bears much fruit. John 12:24 ( Motto of Charles de Foucauld ).


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Incense and obscure clarity of the Churches  in Prague

 ... My father no longer believed in heaven after his first try to be Priest (seminary studies). L'archevêque de Port au prince, nonce Port au prince' archbishop Joseph Legouaz, apostolic nuncio noticed him, and had even promised him Opus Dei.

I built my spirituality on my own with the natural feeling that the churches were the first home.

St Ludmila - Prague

Saint Ludmila church


 Church of our lady before Tyn - Prague Stained glass window of the cathedral St Vitus St Vitus - Prague 

When I was a young child living in Prague, It was not possible to walk in the street with me without entering each church on the way. hen I say it was not possible, I mean that obstacle to my will had to face me in a fit of anger (inner child Jung archetype). I could easily roll down in the dust, mud, water or snow. Therefore most of the time I regularly visited each church on my way to school or whatever activity. It was the job of my grand-mother when she was there...

Note that I didn't had this behavior for chocolates, candy or toys... Then my parents moved to Arabic countries, and it solved this problem with me... as far as I remember, mosques look really different than churches... and muezzin used to wake up me everyday at 5.


Ste Marie - Prague 
Church of our lady before Tyn - Prague  
Church of Petrin in wood - Prague 


Pipe organ, heaven and hell in Ravenna


Basilica de San Francesco - Ravenne


When I was a child, I visited san Francesco church i Ravenna (Italy). I was fascinated by the great organs in action. In desperation, my parents left me there with the priest, intercessor of heaven, While they were visiting the city.

Enfer de Dante


I discover later, that, beside the church is the grave of Dante, author of "Divine Comedy", an impressive journey through Hell.

  Cagli palazzo  Zamperoli -Sculpture démon


Virgin Mary and Voodoo at "Ville-bonheur"

Vierge noire de Czestochowa

Cascade rituelle: Saut d'eau
The goddess Erzulie is represented by the black virgin, and by a ritual drawing.

Young adult, I went to Compostel "Our Lady of Mount Carmel" pilgrimage Haïti. He devotes an apparition of the Virgin Mary. But, above all, there is at night a Voodoo ceremony that is its negative. It is held at the place called "Saut d'eau" (waterfall) where people take "chance baths". This place is supposed to be inhabited by two spirits. They would be messengers of God: Erzulie and Damballa.

... Popular tradition expects that if you received too much chance during your ablutions, you could become a sorcerer or a werewolf...  So I stayed for a while under the waterfall ...

By the way, Antonia, my father's godmother, was a Mambo renamed "Ravett blanche" (white bug).

Erzulie déesse vaudou


Will, asceticism, encounter with oneself and holy places

Tombe de Charles de Foucauld

Church Saint Joseph d'El Goléa (Algeria)

Adult, I attended a Christmas mass in El-Goléa El-Goléa (Algeria) dans l'église St Joseph, avec quatre Missionary sisters of Our Lady of Africa, a priest of the white Fathers, and two friends. This was a time of spiritual quality. The chapel is near the tomb of Blessed Charles de Foucauld (moved there to be near a church)

A few years leter, I was in the chapel of the hermitage of the father of Foucauld (Assekrem) int hte desert of Hoggar. I stayed alone for a moment, in this chapel, and I felt a deep serenity.

Charles de Foucauld was shot, in the panic, by a young person, Sermi arg Thora, member of the Sufi brotherhood Sanusiyya follower of a moderate Islam.

Hermitage of Foucauld - Assekrem, Hoggar, Algeria
Assekrem Hoggar - Algeria

Sahara désert du Hoggar

Jerusalem alls

In the early 21st century I arrived in front Of the Old City of Jerusalem. Suddenly I was in the body of these crusaders who had crossed unknown countries, who had fought, and who were watching the ramparts there.

By contrast, In the church of the Holy Sepulcher, I felt peace. I have seen many people from different parts of the world. They each had their place in the church. They shared a common spirituality in different languages, and sometimes with different rituals. I was thus encouraged to visit the Jewish part. I tried to go into the Islamic part, but the access was closed.

Holy Sepulchre - Jerusalem

Holy Sepulchre - Jerusalem


New spirituality of electronic music

Since the beginning of the second millennium I went several times to Berlin for the Love Parade (0.5 to one million people each year). I always find the crowd with a very positive attitude. You feel within it a welcoming and tolerant human community. I observed some aggressive behavior. But this excess of energy is immediately absorbed by he crowd, without constraint. This is the highest degree of mass self-regulation I have ever seen. This is certainly one of the most sophisticated behaviors of collective consciousness (without the drugs being directly involved ... they help to hold the night those who can not by themselves))

Love parade Berlin (Germany)

And now, it's time to spend the night at theTresor techno club of Berlin, to share a bath of energy in the dark.

Voici une impression acoustique du petit matin: "with Benny Benassi"


Tresor techno club - Berlin

Tresor techno club - Berlin

Tresor techno club - Berlin


Immortality and small erotic death


Belle Rafaela of Tamara Lempicka (1927)
Le Lit (Olympia) of Toulouse-Lautrec (1898)Portrait d'une négresse of Marie-Guilhelmine Benoist (1800)William Adolphe Bouguereau (1878) “Nymphaeum”Femme au ruban of Carmen Berluti (2013)The Kelpie of Herbert Draper (1913)

There is no need for transhumanism to perpetuate oneself in our children, our people, and the human specy.

To read Theology of the body (John-Paul II) and Deus Carita Est (Benedict XVI)

I think that the ultimate of spirituality is reached with the little death of the poets (Georges Bataille). It is the fusion of spirits that occurs on the occasion of carnal love.

Is this the moment of abandonment after the orgasm? No, It is the entanglement between two psyches; Then they become so close that they merge for a short time. Everyone experiences the death of self. Thus, passion is the mortal adventure described by Vladimir Jankelevitch. Thus, it is sacred. Those who fornicate like rabbits remain in their bodies.

The small death can be an assimilation of the other, or a dissolution in the other. If masculinity tends to assimilation, Femininity compensates by maternity. That is, bodily assimilation.

Homosexual pleasure can only tend towards assimilation or dissolution, without ever reaching them, even if it changes its mode (anima-animus). He never goes from game to serious. He does not die. It is the Curse of Narcissus.

And now with Zbigniew Preisner "Concerto in E minor"

The mother of my two children
The mother of my two children, and 25 years of marriage (civilian). Our two grandfathers gave their lives for France, fighting.

My Muses, servants of Melpomene

My American Muses
San Francisco:One from Oregon, the other from California. Her, on the left "you aremy sunshine ! ".

My Russian Muses
Saint Petersburg: One from Ukraine and the other from Kazakhstan. Her, on the right "What do you want from me? "


The Church Dies, Long Live the New Church !

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (film)
War, Ecocide, Power, Death

Ecocide is not a crime against nature, it makes no sense aucun sens. It is the destruction of the environment of human beings, and harm to their biological integrity.

35,000 French to the World Youth Days in Poland, it is It is ten times less than the participation in the techno-parade of Paris.

In France, the eldest daughter of the Church, There are as many people in the mosques as in the churches.

The french The French State of the 21st century inherits the secularism of the 20th century as well as the revolution of 1789. However, the latter inherits the Catholic tradition, and its laicity. Ultimately, the spiritual weakening of Catholicism is a moral impairment of the Republic.

In 2012, 35% of newborns are baptized. While 64% of French people declared themselves Catholic, 4.5% went to mass. 97% of women use contraception.

Roman and Orthodox Catholics are about 20% of the world's population But this share is maintained only by the demography of South America and Africa.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (film)

Nature abhors a vacuum. Less Catholic spirituality is more Islamic, Protestant, or Judaic spirituality.
The latter two become dominant in Western Europe. They support an Anglo-Saxon cultural hegemony that attacks moral values of the Republic.

Les trois singes sages de ConfuciusIn France, and in Europe, those who hide their eyes and cover their ears keep vigil over the agony.

However, the Popes are lucid. Benedict XVI described the theology of the reunification between Roman and Orthodox. François presents himself as the bishop of Rome, not the descendant of St. Peter.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (film)

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity (Orthodox Paris)

Those who believe in the dogmas of ancient times are free, at home.

Catholicism must unite, and purify itself in order to regain power.
Unification is the rapprochement with Orthodox Catholics, and therefore Russia.
To purify is to abandon rites that are two thousand years old to be reborn.

 In the coming fighting era weakness is the opponent.

But, the new Church is there in our minds and our traditions
  • The Universal Church of the churches.
  • The marriage of priests; They are not regular clergy.
  • The Apostle Mary Magdalene recognized, and The ordination of women.
  • A liturgy of the 21st century; coming from an allegorical reading of the scriptures.
  • Une open practice of baptism. for adults.
  • Access to absolution from sins of divorce or abortion.
  • Revocation of the sin of contraception.