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Here is my genealogy tree. The patrilineal branch (LIZAIRE-REMY) comes from Caribbean (Saint Domingue, now Haïti) and of France (Normandie) with the name LISERE. The participated to the development of St Domingue French colony in 17th century. The matrilineal branch (FERRET) comes from France: Languedoc et de Burgundy (BRETIN).

One of my aunt FERRET was mother superior of Herepian convent, now a place for rural retreat, I recommend. However oral tradition of the family is emphasizing former participation to Catharisme. An ascetic tradition remains, exemplified by the reputation of the said mother superior. 



 Catch ot the english boat Kent by corsair Surcouf

Plusieurs de Several of my ancestors were corsair, privateer, pirate and buccaneer (generally all roles at the same time). They were located in île de la Tortue  and after in "île à vache" (St Domingue) during 17th century and early 18th. They resumed service in the quasi-war with the United States and the naval war with the British (picture above)

Some of them became slave traders after the end of piracy (usual conversion of former privateers)

Catholic marriage certificate of Joseph Lizaire. born slave because a Mulatto, but made free immediately. However he offered 4 slaves to his wife for his wedding (source: tax roll).


My Genealogy tree

My ancestor Joseph LIZAIRE (1767-18xx), was a relative of General Alexandre Dumas (1762-1806). an officer of French revolution under Napoleon Bonaparte command (he was the model of the role of Dartagnan in the novel trois mousquetairess).

They born in the same village of Jérémie (St Domingue). Young Alexandre Dumas enlisted in les Dragons de la Reine for the service of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Then he was the commander of Armée des Alpes at several periods. He was the initiator of french mountain infantery. Il a été cité par Napoléon lors de la campagne d'Italie.

Below a painting from Olivier Pichat.

Général Alexandre Dumas par Olivier Pichat

At the same time a female ancestor of my matrilineal branch was close of the same Marie Antoinette. Elle a peut-être croisé Alexandre Dumas à Versailles. Named Ferret she was "dame d'accompagnement" of the "dame du palais", Yolande de Polastron. better known under her title of "Duchesse de Polignac". With this position my ancestor received from the king "Gabelle tax" privilege in Languedoc, region (pays de petite gabelle), as owner of a saline (source: King's letter).



My grandfather Henry was hurt three times during World War I. He got a citation for bravery.  

He died fighting the enemy in 1944 as head (captain) of a resistance unit (maquis) in Indre et Loire. He got a citation for his fighting spirit. Trying to avoid killing his prisoners, he used to explain them, how they were wrong.

My mother was a resistance liaison agent. She had the occasion to retaliate and to punish traitors.



His own father got the same diploma in Paris 30 years before.




In 1916 my grandfather Raoul taking a rest in Jardin du Luxembourg - Paris. He was hearer at l'École libre des sciences politiques. it precedes l'Institut d'études politiques de Paris. Then, he joigned the law school of "Université de Paris-Sorbonne" where he got his degree (bachelor). He had a diplomatic career for Haïti (ambassador in Washington), and worked as a layer.

In 1964 most of the French/Haitian "mulatto" were murdered (Vêpres jérémiennes) by dictator Duvalier and his « tontons macoutes ». They were supporters of a " black power ". 

My father arrived in Paris in 1947 for the 6th world scout Jamboree. After studies to be a priest (petit séminaire), he changed his mind. He engaged in political sciences, like his father. He was admitted at "Institut d'études politiques de Paris"; however, he didn't complete his sscholarship. He got his bachelor later.

He married with my mother in 1951, at "quartier latin" of Paris. I was born in Vienna (Austria) in 1953. My sister is born in Algier in 1966.