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 My research and development personal interests spreads among information technology, and others, such as:

Chaos theory -

Political science & philosophy -

Neuroscience -

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Professional interest


Capture, processing and exchange of digital images.

Research related to information technology field, with a focus on open standards, networking, security, identification(single sign on - SSO) and telemedicine.

  • Medical records management and exchanges

  • Digital ECG management, collection and exchanges.

  • Symptoms remote collection, and exchange using poor or constrained networks like radio networks, cheap satellite links or stealth military networks.

  • Exchange of expertise, multi-cultural collaboration; remote diagnosis with CT scan (Computed tomography). Networking of these equipments.

More recently: Brain-computer interface, future of Internet, Semantic Internet, cybersecurity and cyberdefense.

Interceptions de sécurité.

Thermal images, airborne capture, management, exchange.

  • Funded by national contracts (competitive calls):

Test and validation of French ISDN network (NUMERIS) for France Telecom (1990)

Test and validation of the interconnection of french and german ISDN for France Telecom and Deutsch Telekom (1991)

ET-SETUP medical assistance in eastern Europe 1992: International project, setup by Jose REMY for CNES and IMA (funded by EU ), and participation.

ET-ASSIST medical assistance worldwide 1994: International project, setup by Jose REMY for le CNES and IMA (financement UE), et participation.

SAMU francophones (services d'urgences médicales) 2003: projet international monté par Jose REMY pour APHP et AXA (financé par Organisation intergouvernementale de la francophonie). Technical coordination of the project.

  • Funded by non european governments: Internet control and supervision. Location of persons in the wild.


Personal interest


My interest is to apply Chaos paradigm to political sciences. This is the field of non-linear systems as meteorology phenomenon, which make systems hard to predict and therefore hard to control. It's also an area where a small initial event can produce large effects; refer to the butterfly effect. I speculate that in democratic or non democratic social systems, it's always possible for a single person to rise dramatic changes...! Optimistic isn't it ?

I also work on a personal workstation hihgly secured, it is especially for safe Internet browsing. There is a functional prototype. It is currently hardened and industrialized.


Self funded open source activity -

Chaos theory -



Production of a scientific treaty to be published, 6 vol. in french (4 translated in english)